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Flexible Printed Circuits

Specializing in flexible PCBs. Combining the printed circuit board with new technology to create a flexible product that can be used where other boards can’t. The versatility of flex circuits is unmatched. Want to custom your flexible circuit? Click Design Help

  1. Detailed information

Flexible printed circuits were originally designed as a replacement for traditional wire harnesses. From early applications during World War II, to the present, growth and proliferation for flex circuits and flexible printed circuit boards continues exponentially. A flexible circuit in its purest form is a vast array of conductors bonded to a thin dielectric film. Any one of the following descriptions refers to flexible printed circuitry (FPC):

  • Flex Circuits

  • Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

  • Flexible PCBs

From simple applications to the most complex, the versatility of flex circuits and flexible printed circuit boards is unmatched. Our motto is, "We Go Where Others Will Not.." If it seems impossible, Flexible Circuit is happy to take on any flex circuit or flexible printed circuit board design challenge that you bring, crossing any industry: automotive, medical, telecom, industrial or commercial… just to name a few.

s a connective device, the primary benefits of flexible circuits compared to traditional cabling and rigid boards include:

  • Reduced wiring errors

  • Elimination of mechanical connectors

  • Unparalleled design flexibility

  • Higher circuit density

  • More robust operating temperature range

  • Stronger signal quality

  • Improved reliability and impedance control

  • Size and weight reduction

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